June 22nd, 2024

Cyprus Weather in February

Some days in February may be exceptionally warm indicating that spring is approaching. But the winter is still here; February is one of the coldest months in Cyprus. There is a possibility of rain, although it does not usually rain as much as in December and January. The average maximum day temperature is about the same as in January – 16°C inland and 18°C in the coastal areas. The evenings and nights, however, could be a bit chillier in comparison to the previous winter months. On the mountains it is cold with temperatures ranging from 7°C to as low as 0°C. There is a small possibility of hail. Frosts are rarely severe but frequent in the inland.

Activities in February

Mild weather conditions of the last winter month are ideal for exploring the countryside. February is the time when the almond trees start blooming and fields and meadows are getting green. In late winter – early spring the almond blossom is a spectacular sight. To see it go to one of the valleys, for example, Yioulou valley near Paphos, or visit some of the mountain historical villages, such as those in Pitsillia area on the eastern slopes of the Troodos mountain range. February is ideal for skiing in the Troodos Mountain, so do not miss your chance, since soon after it will be too late for this activity.

What to wear in February

Recommended are winter clothes, warm jackets but not heavy coats, of course. It might be a good idea to take an umbrella with you in case of rain.