March 24th, 2019

Nicosia Weather

Current Nicosia Weather

Feels like 6°
Humidity: 48%
Dew Point: -1°
Cloud Cover: 4%
Pressure: 1004 hPa
Visibility: 16 km
Precipitation: 0 mm
Wind: NNW 3 bft
UV Index: 0

Nicosia weather in the next hours

00:00 Clear
01:00 Clear
02:00 Clear
03:00 Clear
04:00 Clear
05:00 Clear
06:00 Sunny
07:00 Sunny
08:00 Sunny 11°
09:00 Sunny 13°
10:00 Sunny 15°
11:00 Sunny 16°

Nicosia Weather Today

Mar 24th
Partly sunny; cooler Sunday 24/3 High: 18° 05:45 9% Precip. / 0 mm
Partly sunny; cooler
Clear Sunday Night Low: 18:01 0% Precip. / 0 mm

Nicosia 5 day weather forecast

Mar 25th
Plenty of sunshine Monday 25/3 High: 18° 05:44 0% Precip. / 0 mm
Plenty of sunshine
Clear Monday Night Low: 18:02 0% Precip. / 0 mm
Mar 26th
Sunny to partly cloudy Tuesday 26/3 High: 20° 05:43 2% Precip. / 0 mm
Sunny to partly cloudy
Partly cloudy Tuesday Night Low: 18:03 7% Precip. / 0 mm
Partly cloudy
Mar 27th
Variable cloudiness, a shower Wednesday 27/3 High: 19° 05:41 56% Precip. / 2.1 mm
Variable cloudiness, a shower
Mostly cloudy Wednesday Night Low: 18:04 22% Precip. / 0 mm
Mostly cloudy
Mar 28th
Cloudy, showers Thursday 28/3 High: 19° 05:40 69% Precip. / 2.9 mm
Cloudy, showers around, mainly late in the day
Mostly cloudy, showers Thursday Night Low: 10° 18:04 68% Precip. / 3.9 mm
Mostly cloudy, showers

Weather in Nicosia

Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus for about one thousand years, is the largest city on the island. It is the administrative center as well as the main business, cultural, educational and religious center of Cyprus. The heart of Nicosia is surrounded by the Venetian walls and has a number of museums, art galleries, Byzantine churches and other places of interest.

Geographically, Nicosia is located almost in the center of the island at an altitude of about 162 meters above sea level. The inland location means that the city is not influenced by the Mediterranean Sea at the same degree as the coastal cities. For this reason, summers in Nicosia are hotter and winters are colder than on the coast, and differences between day maximum and night minimum temperatures are larger. In July and August average daytime temperature reaches 37°C which is 4°C to 7°C more than in the cities along the coastline, and drops to 22°C at night. In January and February, that are the coldest months of the year, temperatures go down to 16°C at daytime and 6°C at night which is 2°C-3°C less than on the coast.

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