June 22nd, 2024

Cyprus Weather in November

November is the month when the weather in Cyprus breaks from warm autumn towards colder winter. Around the middle of November temperatures begin to drop noticeably and the rainy season starts. During this month it can rain from three to six days. November is the third rainiest month after December and January. On average maximum temperature gets up to 22°C on the west coast and inland and 23°C-24°C on the eastern-south coast. On the mountains it already gets noticeably cold with temperatures not going higher than 13°C. At night temperature drops down to 13°C-14°C on the coast and 10°C inland. On the heights of Troodos it already feels like winter at night with the temperature staying as low as 6°C. The sea water is about 21°C.

Activities in November

November is perfect for countryside excursions especially inland to villages and vineyards for wine tasting. Do not miss the opportunity to go and see the Troodos mountains where leaves change colors to gold and crimson making a stunning contrast against the bright blue skies. Sunbathing and swimming can still be enjoyed in early November but might be not as comfortable as in early autumn or summer. November is also a good time for most outdoor sports.

What to wear in November

Recommended clothes are medium-weight apparel and light pullovers.