November 17th, 2018

Argaka residents celebrate overflowing dam

Following a stormy night in Paphos, spontaneous celebrations began in Argaka, as the dam began to overflow yesterday morning. The increased rainfall has raised hopes of the surrounding agricultural community that crops and animals will not have to suffer drought conditions, as they did last year.

The rain showers are also increasing the amount of potable water available to service the district during the summer months.A group of local residents who had gathered close to the dam, eagerly expressed their happiness that there will now be enough water for the trees, and one woman said it was the best thing to happen for many years. Meanwhile, a grandfather played with his young granddaughter close to the dam, whilst others prepared souvla to celebrate.

The dam has a capacity of around 990,000 cubic metres, and is one of the smallest dams in the district. The other dams in Paphos, Aspro Kremnos has around 52million cubic meters capacity, Kannavu holds 18 as does Evratou dam, and Mavro Kolombous holds around 2 and a half million cubic meters.
Source: Cyprus-Mail