June 22nd, 2024

Cyprus Weather in September

The weather in September is still sunny and hot. Summer continues, however, it slowly moves towards the autumn. Temperatures slightly drop and reach approximately the level of June. Average maximum temperature in September is 29°C on the west coast, 31°C on the eastern-south coast, 34°C inland and 24°C on the mountains. Evenings are also warm, a bit cooler though than in August with average temperatures of 19°C on the west coast and inland and 20°C-21°C on the eastern-south coast. The weather on the mountains is about the same like in June with temperatures of 15°C. It might rain, though the possibility of it is still very small. The water warms up to 26°C and is comfortable enough for swimming.

Activities in September

Summer activities on the beach are also good in September. Sun is still hot and water is warm so you can keep sunbathing and swimming. Water parks will not close till October. It is better to plan your excursions around the island for early morning or late afternoon to avoid the sun at its peak. Wine Festival that has started in the end of August continues in September so do not miss the chance to spend great time outdoor trying different local wines and traditional Cypriot food and watching dance and theater performances.

What to wear in September

Recommended clothes in September are light-weight summer clothing for the day and light long sleeve top or shirt for evenings. Since it is still hot and very sunny do not forget about sun protection, such as hats, sunscreen and sunglasses as well as sun lotions.