January 16th, 2018

Troodos Weather

Current Troodos Weather

Partly Cloudy
Partly Cloudy
Feels like -0°
Humidity: 79%
Dew Point: -2°
Cloud Cover: 59%
Pressure: 1021 hPa
Precipitation: 0%
Liquid Prec.: 0 mm
Wind: W 2 bft
UV Index: 0

Troodos Weather Today

Jan 16th
nt_sleet Tuesday Night Low: -1° 17:00 70% Precip. / 2 mm
Partly cloudy this evening then becoming overcast with periods of freezing rain after midnight. Winds W at 2 to 3 beaufort.

Troodos weather in the next hours

18:00 Partly Cloudy
19:00 Partly Cloudy
20:00 Partly Cloudy
21:00 Partly Cloudy
22:00 Mostly Cloudy
23:00 Mostly Cloudy -1°
00:00 Overcast -1°
01:00 Ice Pellets -1°
02:00 Ice Pellets -1°
03:00 Ice Pellets -1°
04:00 Ice Pellets -1°
05:00 Overcast -1°

Troodos 10 day weather forecast

Jan 17th

partlycloudy Wednesday 17/1 High: 06:55 20% Precip. / 0 mm
Partly cloudy. Winds W at 3 to 4 beaufort.
nt_rain Wednesday Night Low: 17:01 90% Precip. / 4 mm
Rain showers in the evening will evolve into a more steady rain overnight. Winds WSW at 3 to 5 beaufort.
Jan 18th
snow Thursday 18/1 High: 06:55 100% Precip. / 12 mm
Windy with rain and some snow mixing in in the afternoon. Winds WSW at 5 to 6 beaufort.
nt_snow Thursday Night Low: -4° 17:02 90% Precip. / 3 mm
Snow in the evening will give way to some clearing overnight. Winds NW at 4 to 6 beaufort. Chance of snow 90%. Snowfall around one inch. Winds could occasionally gust over 0 to 8 beaufort.
Jan 19th
clear Friday 19/1 High: 06:54 0% Precip. / 0 mm
Mainly sunny. Winds NW at 3 to 4 beaufort.
nt_clear Friday Night Low: -4° 17:03 0% Precip. / 0 mm
Clear skies. Winds light and variable.
Jan 20th
clear Saturday 20/1 High: 06:54 10% Precip. / 0 mm
Generally sunny despite a few afternoon clouds. Winds light and variable.
nt_partlycloudy Saturday Night Low: -2° 17:04 10% Precip. / 0 mm
Partly cloudy. Winds ESE at 2 to 3 beaufort.
Jan 21st

partlycloudy Sunday 21/1 High: 06:54 10% Precip. / 0 mm
Sunshine and clouds mixed. Winds SE at 3 to 5 beaufort.
nt_clear Sunday Night Low: 17:05 20% Precip. / 0 mm
Mostly clear. Winds SSE at 2 to 3 beaufort.
Jan 22nd
chancerain Monday 22/1 High: 06:53 50% Precip. / 2 mm
Partly cloudy early followed by increasing clouds with showers developing later in the day. Winds SSW at 3 to 5 beaufort.
nt_sleet Monday Night Low: -3° 17:06 70% Precip. / 6 mm
Cloudy with freezing rain expected. Winds SW at 2 to 3 beaufort.
Jan 23rd
sleet Tuesday 23/1 High: 06:53 70% Precip. / 2 mm
Periods of rain and freezing rain in the morning...becoming partly cloudy. Winds WSW at 3 to 4 beaufort.
nt_sleet Tuesday Night Low: -4° 17:07 50% Precip. / 1 mm
Partly cloudy skies early then becoming cloudy with periods of light freezing rain later at night. Winds W at 2 to 3 beaufort.
Jan 24th
sleet Wednesday 24/1 High: 06:52 50% Precip. / 3 mm
Periods of rain tapering to showers. Areas of freezing rain early. Winds WSW at 2 to 3 beaufort.
nt_sleet Wednesday Night Low: -3° 17:08 40% Precip. / 3 mm
Periods of freezing drizzle and light freezing rain. Winds light and variable.
Jan 25th
sleet Thursday 25/1 High: 06:52 40% Precip. / 1 mm
Light freezing rain in the morning...becoming partly cloudy. Winds W at 2 to 3 beaufort.
nt_sleet Thursday Night Low: -6° 17:09 30% Precip. / 1 mm
Partly cloudy early. Then a mix of wintry precipitation expected late. Winds light and variable.

Weather in Troodos

Troodos is the biggest mountain range in Cyprus located in the center of the island and stretching across most of the western side of it. The highest peak of Troodos is Mount Olympus which is 1,952 meters high. There are many interesting places to visit in Troodos including valleys, mountain villages and Byzantine monasteries and churches some of which are included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Weather in Troodos is very different from the rest of the island. Due to the considerable elevation above the sea level and its inland location, it differs from the weather in other places by much lower temperatures and significant amount of precipitation. With every 1,000 meters temperature drops by about 5°C meaning that the difference between temperatures on the lowlands and at the Olympus peak is about 10°C. In the hottest months of July and August temperatures reach on average 28°C at midday and in the coldest months of January and February it is just 6°C-7°C at daytime. The night temperature differs from daytime temperatures by about 5°C-6°C in winter and 10°C in summer. December sees the most precipitation with 170 mm of rainfall. In winter some areas of the Troodos mountain range are covered with snow.

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