May 21st, 2024

Cyprus Weather in April

In April Cyprus is starting to warm up. In the beginning of the month it might still feel quite chilly at night and sometimes during the day but by the end of the month the weather gets hotter and you feel that summer is near. On average maximum temperature gets up to 21°C-23°C on the coast depending on the area (west coast is cooler). It is warmer inland with temperatures reaching 24°C. Maximum temperature on the mountains is about 15°C. At night temperature drops to 11°C-13°C on the coast, 10°C inland and 6°C in the mountainous areas. It might rain but not as much as in winter or March. Hail is rare but possible.

Activities in April

April is a perfect time for nature walks before all the greenery is parched by the hot summer sun. It is also a good idea to enjoy an off-road adventure in the untouched Akamas Peninsula that is a home for 700 plant species, of which 40 are endemic. See the Baths of Aphrodite in April as well where pink cyclamen flowers make a fascinating adornment.

What to wear in April

Suitable clothes for April include medium-weight and summer apparel with light jumpers or long sleeved cotton for the evenings.