March 25th, 2019

Asprokremmos dam overflows for first time in seven years

Continuing rainfall caused the Asprokremmos dam, the second largest on the island, to overflow yesterday.

With a capacity of 52.4 million cubic meters, Asprokremmos last filled back in 2004.Reports said local residents were preparing to fire up their barbeques in celebration.

This has been one of the wettest Januaries of the last 30 years, with the rains particularly benefiting the Paphos district.

Three other reservoirs in Paphos - Pomos, Argaka and Arminou - had overflowed in recent days, as did Xyliatou, and Pomos along with another two larger reservoirs that of Tamassos and Klirou in the Nicosia district.

According to Kyriacos Kyrou, head of the Water Development Department, the dams of Evretou and Kannaviou - also in the Paphos district - are expected to overflow over the next five to 10 days.

Altogether, the island's dams are now at 65 per cent of capacity.

Authorities have not ruled out an overflowing of the largest dam, Kouris; the last time this occurred was eight years ago.

Kyrou explained that the filling of the dams was due to a combination of the rainfall and the inflow of water in particular, which during the month of January is significant because the shorter duration of sunlight means less evaporation.
Source: Cyprus Mail