November 17th, 2018

Bad weather set to continue

Stormy weather is set to continue until Wednesday with mild mornings turning to wind and rain by noon, the Weather Service said Monday.

Sunday was marked by rain and storms in several areas but without the damage caused late last week.

The Weather Service said that temperatures remain slightly lower than usual for this time of year.The Police, Fire Service, Civil Defence and other authorities remain on alert to deal with any extreme weather and Monday is to see the start of counting the cost of the damage caused by last Friday’s storms and whirlwinds.

People with damaged property have been asked to inform their municipalities.
Good inflow for dams
The bad weather has had the beneficial side effect of boosting the amount of water in the dams.

The Director of the Water Development Department Sophocles Aletrari, told CtyBC that the greatest inflow was into the Lefkara, Kalavasos and Dipotamos dams.

Lefkara collected 100,000 cubic meters of water and 50,000 to 60,000 poured into the Kalavasos and Dipotamos dams

These are the largest amounts to have been collected in the dams during this period for 20 years.

Source:  Cyprus-Weekly