June 16th, 2019

Cyprus to be at its coldest in 12 months on Saturday

Gathering clouds are expected bring rain showers as of Wednesday while temperatures inland are expected to be at their coldest in the last 12 months this weekend.

Saturday is forecast to be a particularly chilly day, with projections of temperatures ranging between 6°C and 8°C inland, making it one of the coldest days in the past 12 months.

Troodos temperatures will drop to 2°C by Saturday night, however it will be warmer at seaside towns as Limassol temperatures reach 11°C, Larnaca 10°C, and Paphos 11°C.

Isolated showers and possibly storms are also expected on Thursday, Friday and Saturday while those who enjoy mountain excursions to see the snow will be happy to know that more is expected over the weekend.

Along with the colder weather, higher dust levels are also anticipated to remain in the atmosphere over the coming days.

Wednesday, meanwhile, is forecast to start off mainly fine with gathering clouds expected to bring about isolated showers by the afternoon. Temperatures are anticipated to rise to 17°C inland and on the coasts and 12°C in the mountains.

Overnight, they will drop to 6°C inland, 11°C on the coasts and 4°C in the mountains.

Frost in the mountains had also made mountain roads slippery on Wednesday morning with traffic police warning motorists to be especially careful.

Source: in-cyprus.com