December 11th, 2018

Cyprus Weather News

News about the weather and weather related issues in Cyprus.

Welcome respite from the heat

Residents in various parts of the island enjoyed some respite from the scorching heat yesterday as showers broke out mid afternoon, bringing temperatures down to normal for this time of year. more

Heat and humidity to continue until Tuesday

A 60 year old woman from Larnaca was yesterday in serious condition after being taken to hospital in a coma, suffering from heat stroke. more

More hot weather but not as hot as last week

The weather will continue offering some combination of heat and humidity, although temperatures will remain lower than those of last week, the meteorological office said yesterday. more

New heat wave heading for Cyprus

The Met office warned of another heatwave, which will see temperatures soaring again across the island as of midweek. more

Expect 43C - Cyprus braces for heatwave as mercury rises

With the mercury expected to hit a scorching 43 degrees celsius, the medical services, the Labour inspection department and the fire brigade are on high alert. more

Heatwave to hit Cyprus

Cyprus is bracing for a heat wave over the weekend as temperatures are expected to soar to 41 degrees Celsius over the next few days. more

Heatwave as temperatures hit 41 degrees

Cyprus experienced a mini heatwave yesterday, with temperatures reaching 41 degrees Celsius. more

Warm weather for weekend

The Met office have forecast warm weather over the holiday weekend, with temperatures expected to rise to around 35 degrees Celsius by Tuesday. The temperature is expected to drop again from Wednesday onwards. more

Rain and storms forecast for Easter week

Those hoping for a sunny Easter week will be disappointed following a forecast of rain and grey skies across the country - a far cry from the beautiful weather Cyprus has experienced over the past three days. more

Kouris Dam overflows

The island's largest dam, Kouris, has overflown for the second time in its history. more