May 21st, 2018

Cyprus Weather News

News about the weather and weather related issues in Cyprus.

Gale force winds hit Cyprus hard

Trees were uprooted and objects were sent flying, as freak storms hit the coastal areas hard, causing mayhem, flash flooding, and treacherous driving conditions. more

Nicosia gets snowflakes on New Year's Day

Snowflakes were falling early morning on New Year’s Day in Nicosia with unusually low temperatures, making Friday the coldest day of the week. more

Snowy and cold start to 2016

We may not have had a white Christmas in Cyprus but snow has been forecast as the old year merges into the new one. more

Storms batter Cyprus, weather warning issued

The unsettled weather will continue over the next 24-hours, with the Met Office issuing a yellow weather warning. more

Skarinou road flooded

The road to Skarinou was cut off on Thursday afternoon due to torrential rains in Larnaca district. more

Showers and storms forecast across Cyprus this week

Forecasters say Cyprus is heading for a stormy spell with rain expected overnight, especially inland and on higher ground. more

Storms and rain forecast as unseasonable weather continues

The unsettled weather in Cyprus is expected to continue throughout Monday and Tuesday, with showers and storms expected in most areas. more

Levels of dust remain alarming

The air pollution levels still remain alarming despite the fact of today's atmosphere improvement. more

Heat, humidity and heavy dust

Unprecedented conditions of heavy dust is covering the sky in Cyprus, creating a fog and an asphyxiating atmosphere. more

Weather returns to normal

Temperatures will be back to normal from Thursday with a maximum of 37C in Nicosia and 31C to 34C in the coastal areas, the meteorological services said. more