January 22nd, 2019

Dam capacity up one per cent

Almost four million cubic metres of water flowed in the island’s dams as a result of the weekend rain.

Fedros Roussis, Senior Hydraulic Engineer at the Water Development Department said that, “a total of 3,820,000 cubic metres of water flowed into the dams”.

According to Roussis, water reserves are currently at 21,240,000 cubic meters and the dam capacity rose from six to 7.3 per cent.“The greatest flow was recorded yesterday and the largest quantity of water – one million cubic metres – flowed in the Yermasogia Dam”, Roussis said.

The Kourris dam received a total of 680,000 cubic metres, 722,000 in the Arminos dam, and 505,000 in the Asprokremmos dam.

Government spokesman Stephanos Stephanou yesterday said that, “The government will work seriously to put into operation an entity/authority that will manage the water issue within the framework of the constitution and the law.”

“There should be rational management of water and a policy should be drawn to ensure that Cyprus will not have to rely rainfall… the government is working hard to address the immediate and long-term needs.”

Stephanou said the Attorney-General’s advice is that an independent water authority cannot be implemented because of constitutional obstacles and that, “it is something we should examine. But the basic idea is to have one specific authority that can manage these things”.

Source:  Cyprus-Mail