October 22nd, 2021

Dust is in the air, vulnerable groups urged to avoid open spaces

Authorities issued a dust warning on Tuesday and urged vulnerable groups in Cyprus to avoid open spaces.

The highest dust levels were recorded in coastal Limassol and Nicosia, the capital, with 124 μg/m3 and 91 μg/m3, receptively.

The permitted safe concentration is 50 μg/m³ based on the relevant legislation.

Specifically, these were the dust levels as measured around 8am on Tuesday:

Nicosia: 91 μg/m3

Limassol: 124 μg/m3

Larnaca: 58 μg/m3

Paphos: 82 μg/m3

Paralimni: 61 μg/m3

Zygi: 59 μg/m3

Ayia Marina Xyliatou: 57 μg/m3

More information on this is available online at www.airquality.gov.cy

Source: in-Cyprus.com