March 24th, 2019

Hotter than usual weather ahead of temperature dip

Quick to note that, statistically this is the hottest time of the year for Cyprus, the Meteorological Department on Monday warned that the week would be getting off to a warm start.

However, temperatures will begin to drop to below the seasonal average by Friday and Saturday.

Speaking to, Department official Panayiotis Georgiou on Monday morning said: “The coming days will be hot, above the usual 38°C inland average for this time of year”.

He continued: “We can expect inland temperatures to rise to 40°C inland on Monday and Tuesday and perhaps 41°C by Wednesday before going back to 40°C on Thursday”.

However, by Friday and Saturday, they will drop to 36°C, Georgiou said.

“The average temperatures for this time of year—which is statistically the hottest in Cyprus– are 38°C inland, 31°C-33°C on the coasts and 28°C-29°C in the mountains so we will be going from above the seasonal average to just below it,” Georgiou said.

He added that yellow warnings had been issue for Monday and Tuesday, also encompassing mountain areas on Tuesday.

“Conditions will, however, not be like the extreme temperatures we experienced earlier this summer though,” Georgiou said.

He added that signs pointing to rainfall in the mountains on Monday had dwindled.