May 30th, 2020

Icy roads, temperatures at -9 overnight in Troodos

In the coldest night so far this winter, temperatures fell to -9 in Troodos where the snow is at 60 cm on Mount Olympus and 50 cm at Troodos Square.

Police are warning drivers that roads are icy while the met office is forecasting more rain and snow today, particularly in the afternoon. Temperatures are set to rise on Friday.

In an announcement early on Thursday morning, police said that the Prodromos-Troodos road is closed for all vehicles.

In the Paphos district, the Kelokedara-Amargeti-Nata and the Galataria-Salamiou road remain closed because of flooding of the Xeros river, while the Tselefos bridge remains closed.

The Panayia-Asproyia, Panayia-Statos-Ayios Photios and the Stroumbi-Tsada roads are slippery because of ice.

In the wider Troodos area all roads are slippery, while the following roads are open only to four wheel drive cars and those equipped with snow chains:

Nicosia district: Platres-Troodos, Karvounas-Troodos, Platres-Trooditissa.

Morphou area: Pedoulas-Prodromos, Pedoulas-Pinewood-Kakopetria, Prodromos-Lemhythou, Prodromos-Trooditissa-Platres, Pedoulas-Moutoulas, Pedoulas-Kykkos.

Nicosia district: Fterikoudi-Alona, Alona Platanistasa, Palechori-Farmakas, Farmakas-Odou, Farmakas-Gourri, Polistypos-Lagoudera, Alona-Polistypos, Plaechori-Agros, Alona-Agros, Lagoudera-Chandria, Lazania-Macheras, Macheras-Konia.

The following roads are open to all vehicles but slippery: Kalopanayiotis-Moutoullas, Ayios Demetrios-Paliomylos-Lemythou-Kaminaria-Tris Elies, Kalopanayiotis-Yerakia-Kykkos, Kakopetria-Karvounas, Kambos-Stavros tis Psokas. There is ice on the Gourri-Lazania and Gourri-Fikardou roads.

Police said that the road network is dangerous because of rain or ice in many areas and drivers are urged to be particularly careful.

Drivers are being cautioned to drive slowly and to keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

Up to date information on the state of the roads is available on the police app and website

Weather forecast:

Today will start off partly cloudy becoming mainly cloudy. Scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms, mainly in the west, north and in the mountains are expected from noon on. Snow is expected in the mountains. Temperatures will be 14 C inland, around 15 C on the coasts and 4 C in the higher mountains.

Tonight will be partly cloudy and at intervals mainly cloudy. Some scattered showers are possible in the west and north and snow in the mountains. Temperatures will fall to 7 C inland, around 9 C on the south and east coasts, around 10 C on remaining coasts and 0 C in the mountains where there will be frost.

Friday and Saturday will see intervals of sunshine as well as cloud. Temperatures will rise on Friday remaining stable on Saturday to close to a little above average for the time of year in some areas.

Sunday will be mainly cloudy with scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms. Snow is expected in the mountains. The weather will gradually improve at night. Temperatures will drop to a little below average for the time of year.