November 17th, 2018

Isolated rain and snow sprinkled throughout weekend

There will be isolated rainshowers and snow in the mountainous regions throughout the New Year weekend according to the latest weather report from the Cyprus Weather Service.

On Saturday the weather will be partially cloudy, with isolated rainshowers or storms, mainly in the west and north. In the mountainous regions there will be passing snowfall.

The temperature will reach 14 degrees in the interior, 16 degrees in the coastal areas, and 1 degree in the highest mountainous regions.

On Saturday evening the weather will be partially cloudy. It is possible that there will be isolated rainshowers or storms, mainly in the west and north coastal areas, and light snowfall in the mountains.

The temperature will drop to 4 degrees in the interior, 7 degrees in the south and eastern coastal areas, 8 degrees in the mountains, 9 degrees in the west, and minus 3 degrees in the highest mountainous regions.

On Sunday the weather will initially be partially cloudy, with a likelihood of isolated rainshowers or storms in the west and north. However, starting late in the afternoon, the weather will turn mostly cloudy, with local rainshowers and isolated storms making an appearance, along with snow in the mountains.

On Monday the weather will be mainly cloudy, and local rainshowers, isolated storms and snow in the mountains are expected. Starting at mid-day, the weather will begin to gradually clear.

On Tuesday the weather will be partially cloudy at times. The temperature will slightly drop on Sunday and Monday, with a small increase on Tuesday.

Roads to Troodos closed

According to the latest police announcement, due to weather conditions all roads to Troodos in the Limassol District are closed.

In the Paphos District, the road from Tzielefos Bridge to Arminou is closed, as is the road from Kelodekaron tp Ayia Marina by the Ziripillis Bridge.

The following roads are open only for cars with four-wheel drive or anti-slippage chains.

Nicosia District






Kionia Picnic Area

Morphou District






Dangerous roads due to rockslides: