January 22nd, 2019

More hot weather but not as hot as last week

The weather will continue offering some combination of heat and humidity, although temperatures will remain lower than those of last week, the meteorological office said yesterday.

Temperatures yesterday were about what is expected for July, at around 36 degrees Celsius for Nicosia, 33 degrees Celsius around the coastline and 26 degrees in the mountains, met officer Panayiotis Michael said.Some local storms over the weekend and yesterday offered a respite but as of tomorrow temperatures should start rising, Michael said.

By Friday, it could be 39 or 40 degrees Celsius.

Michael said that even though the weather has been cooler it has also been humid, causing discomfort.

Humidity varied yesterday from 50 per cent in Famagusta and 54 per cent in Nicosia, to 71 per cent in Paphos.

Last week started with the hottest day of the year on Monday at 43 degrees Celsius and continued with the hottest day of the year again when on Tuesday temperatures climbed to 44 degrees Celsius.

About a dozen people have so far been admitted to hospital.

Vulnerable groups, including the elderly and the very young are still advised to stay indoors as much as possible. People should drink lots of water, wear loose, comfortable clothes and keep cool.

Source: Cyprus Mail