November 17th, 2018

Rain but not enough yet

It may have rained all night on Wednesday but yesterday, water officials said it the in inflow into the reservoirs was still not satisfactory.

"Over the last 24 hours we've had the flow of water into the dams increase from around 150,000-200,000 cubic metres to around 560,000 cubic metres," said Fedro Roussi, senior technical engineer at the Water Development Department. "However, this amount on its own does not satisfy us," he added.According to senior official Kleanthis Nicolaides at the Meteorological Office the bulk of the rain that fell on Wednesday night was on the north and west coast, in areas such as Paphos and Pyrgos. Higher mountainous regions received around 18mm of fresh snow, with Nicolaides mentioning that whatever falls today and during the night will be in the form of snow.

The 18 reservoirs island wide are only at 49.2 per cent of their total capacity of 142 million cubic metres. During January of last year reserves stood at 53 per cent. Between October and January last year 60.6 million cubic metres flowed into the dams whereas this year, during the same period, only 10 million cubic metres flowed into them.

The rain is set to continue over the next few days with temperatures remaining constant at around 16 degrees inland, 18 on the coast and six degrees in the mountains, until Monday when temperatures are set to drop slightly.

The heaviest rainfall was at Larnaca Airport at 19.8mm and the least was at Xylotimbou at 10.7mm.
Source: Cyprus Mail