November 17th, 2018

September rainfall four times the norm

September was the 13th wettest in 110 years compared to last September, which fell into 83rd place, the Met Office said yesterday.

Rainfall for September by far exceeded last year's, according to meteorological officer Marios Theophilou who forecasted more rain in the coming days."This is very good for September and we've surpassed the normal total amount of rainfall for September," said Theophilou, stressing that rainfall for September is usually quite low.

A typical amount of rainfall for the month is around 4.5mm. This September's average total rainfall reached 16mm.

Last September's rainfall was only 1mm with other years such as 2007, 1984, 1956 and 1916 having no rainfall at all.

According to Theophilou, the most rainfall was recorded in 1909 at 43.1mm, the second in 1930 at 42.7mm and third was in September 2009 with 37.8mm.

A freak tornado hit the areas of Latsia and Engomi that September with days of bad weather following.

The most rainfall last month was recorded in Saitas with 59,8mm indicating that it is up 581 per cent from the norm, around 46.4mm at the Kalavassos dam showing that it has increased 1933 per cent from the norm and 43.2 at Stavros tis Psokas area, showing an increase of 592 per cent.

Source: Cyprus-Mail