June 16th, 2019

Snow and cold on the cards

Heavy snowfall on Troodos forced the closure of roads and torrential rain in Limassol rendered thoroughfares across the district dangerous, police said on Thursday.

Police said roads from Pedoulas to Prodromos, Troodos to Prodromos, and Prodromos to Troditisa were open only to vehicles with snow chains or four-wheel drive.

In the district of Limassol, torrential rains possibly made roads slippery and reduced visibility, the force said.

It advised motorists to drive at low speeds and keep their distance from the cars in front. Special caution was needed at stretches of road where water has accumulated and there was a risk of hydroplaning and side slipping.

Earlier, the Met service said more snow was on the cards throughout Thursday, as the island expected its coldest night yet.

Chief meteorologist Kleanthis Nicolaides said Thursday evening will be a cold night with clear weather.

The absence of clouds was the reason for the cold snap because they acted like a blanket and kept temperatures at tolerable levels, he said.

Temperatures inland will be around 5C, 8C on the coast, and 2C in the higher regions where frost that formed overnight was expected to remain in certain areas.

Friday is expected to be clear, as the weather system affecting the island moved east.

“The system is retreating east and temperatures will rise slightly just a bit lower than normal,” Nicolaides said.

Thursday will have temperatures of 14C inland and 15C on the coast. On Friday, temperatures will rise to 16C and 17C respectively, two to three degrees below normal.

Cloudy skies were expected on the weekend with some showers or storms. More snow could fall on Saturday.

Sunday will see some clouds with local showers and the possibility of a storm and snow in the higher areas.

Source: Cyprus-Mail