June 16th, 2019

Snowbound communities running out of supplies

Villages cut off from heavy snowfall were running out of basic supplies on Friday, as efforts to clear roads and restore access continued for the third day running.

Nine communities in the Nicosia district have asked for milk, bread and water, the chief of civil defence operations, Ioannis Avlonitis said.Avlonitis said they had received no requests for medicines or other items.

The villages that requested assistance are Palechori, Askas, Fterikoudi, Alona, Platanistasa, Polistipos, Lagoudera, and Sarandi, most of which have been cut off since Wednesday.

Snow fell overnight in hilly regions in the Nicosia district, reaching the suburbs of Latsia and Dhali.

Some also fell at Nicosia’s GSP football stadium where on Thursday night an UEFA Europa League game was played.

Some schools in the Paphos district remained close and police advise drivers to be careful in the streets.

Temperatures in mountainous areas are below freezing. The weather is expected to improve on Saturday.

Source: Cuprus Mail