August 22nd, 2019

Weather to turn stormy

Rain and hail are expected during the week, the met office said yesterday.

“We may experience hailstorms over the week. This is not uncommon for this time of the year in Cyprus,” Marios Theofilou, a meteorological officer, said.Today the weather will be cloudy with expected showers and maybe some storms. Winds will blow mainly southwesterly to westerly and northwesterly, averaging between four and five Beaufort. The sea will be rough on the south and west coasts. The temperature will rise to 22 degrees inland, around 21 degrees on the coast and 12 degrees on mountain peaks.

Tonight the weather will be partly cloudy with a probability of rain.  The winds will blow southwesterly to northwesterly with an average of three to four Beaufort.

An increase in cloudy weather is expected on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with rainfall and possible thunderstorms. There will be a slight decrease in temperature.

Source: Cyprus Mail