March 25th, 2019

Wet weekend with thunderstorms

Cyprus is affected by a low pressure system with today’s weather expected to be mainly cloudy, with local rainfall and isolated thunderstorms mainly at noon and in the afternoon.

The highest peaks of the Troodos mountain range are to see some snowfall. Winds will be northeast to east and in the west northwest, weak to moderate, 3-4 Beaufort. In the east winds are expected to reach 5 Beaufort.

Temperatures are expected to reach 16°C inland, 17°C on the coasts and 6°C in the mountains.
Tonight the weather will be mainly cloudy with the possibility of local light rainfall and light snowfall in the highest parts of Troodos. Temperatures are expected to drop to 6°C inland, to 8°C on the coasts and -1°C at the mountains. Frost is expected to be formed at mountain areas.

The weather on Sunday is expected to be clear with clouds forming gradually with the possibility of isolated rainfall or thunderstorms. Temperatures are not expected to change.