November 17th, 2018

As rain and snowfall continue, see what roads are closed

As cold weather conditions continue around the island, the police has issued a weather alert to drivers as a significant amount of snow continues to fall across Troodos, causing limited visibility in the mountainous areas.

Police have issued a press release on Sunday announcing that all roads leading to Troodos are closed for all vehicles.

Police have urged drivers to be especially careful, to drive slowly, maintain a safe distance between vehicles, and switch on their lights if necessary.

According to the police press release, all roads leading to Troodos are open only for vehicles equipped with snow chains or four wheel drive due to the light snowfall.

Drivers have also been advised, before heading towards Troodos, to monitor police road bulletins either on the force's website or on its twitter or Facebook profiles, or the authortiies' smartphone app.

Routes closed to traffic:

The following roads are open only for 4X4 vehicles or those which are equipped with snow chains.

Nicosia district

Palaichori - Agros
Palaichori - Aska
Aska - Fterikoudi -Alona
Alona - Polystipos - Platanistasa
Libadia - Alithinou - Polystipos
Saranti - Lagoudera - Apliki - Pharmakas
Apliki - Palaichori
Gouri - Lazania
Lazania - Machairas
Machairas - Kionia

Limassol district

St. John - Agros
Agios Theodoros - Papoutsa
Palaichori - Agros
Kyperounta - Agros
Asbestos - Karvounas

Morphou district

Kakopetria - Karvounas
Kakopetria - Spilion - Kannavion
Kakopetria - St. Nicholas
Prodromou - Pedoulas
Pedoulas - Kykkos - Campou
Stavrou Psokas - Campou - Kykkos - Milikouri
Pedoulas - Prodromos
Lemithou - Kaminaria
Prodromou - Platres

Source: SigmaLive