November 16th, 2018

Blazing hot this week with heat wave conditions

The seasonal trough of low pressure centred in West Pakistan is located firmly over the Eastern Mediterranean. Atmospheric pressure will remain low throughout the week with values ranging from a high of 1007mb on Saturday to a low of 1005mb on Friday.

On Saturday cloud will develop on the mountains and inland with the possibility of scattered showers mainly on the higher parts of Troodos mountains. Very limited cloud development during the hot hours of the day inland and in the mountains the rest of the days.

It will be the hottest week of the year with temperatures well above normal in all areas, reaching up to 43C in places inland. Heat wave conditions are expected to develop from Sunday to Wednesday in most inland and coastal areas.

Mostly from a northerly direction throughout the week especially in northern, western and central areas mostly light to moderate. On exposed coasts winds are expected to be fresh to strong in the afternoon. In the south and western coasts winds will be more variable in direction with moderate sea breezes developing in the afternoon.

Humidity levels will remain above normal in all areas throughout the week and more especially on southern coasts where morning mist patches are likely to develop. Humidity is expected to drop everywhere on Thursday.

Heat index values will break through for the first time reaching level 3 (danger-heat wave) inland and on coasts from Sunday to Wednesday.

Slight relief from the heat wave on Thursday and Friday associated with lower temperatures and humidity.

Even in mountain resorts at 700m it will feel uncomfortably warm in the afternoon hours (level 2) while in higher resorts.

Level 2 is expected to be reached only on Wednesday afternoon while the rest of the days Heat Index level 1 will be reached in the afternoon.

Air pollution levels will be high throughout the week due to the generally light to moderate winds. Dust levels are expected to stay on the low side during the week.


Beach conditions during the weekend will be fair to good with slight seas due to the fresh locally strong north-westerly winds.

The rest of the week conditions will be good to excellent in most beach areas of the island. Better conditions in the morning hours.


Prevailing calm to slight sea state conditions will provide excellent sailing conditions throughout the week. Exception some exposed northern and western sea areas where seas may become slight to rough for a time during daylight hours.