November 16th, 2018

More heat on the way

The weather service is expecting a gradual rise in temperature in the next days reaching a peak on Tuesday with 42 degrees Celsius inland.

Saturday will see temperatures reaching 38 degrees and rising gradually until Tuesday. Coastal areas will experience temperatures between 34 and 38 degrees Celsius.

Things are made worse by the high levels of humidity, expected to drop however, on Monday and Tuesday.

The meteorological service expects some rain in higher areas and inland on Saturday.

Temperatures are expected to reach 38 degrees inland and 35 on the east coast. The west coast will enjoy lower temperatures – 32 degrees. Mountainous areas will be cooler with temperatures reaching 30 degrees.

The weather on Sunday would be generally clear though some clouds may form inland early in the afternoon. Some rain may fall, mainly in higher areas.

The heat is not expected to cause problems to the power supply.

Christos Christodoulides, director of the transmission system operator, expected demand for electricity to be at the same levels as last year unless there was a heat wave lasting three to four days combined with high levels of humidity.

Maximum demand last year was 910MW.