March 24th, 2019

Cyprus heat wave sends power plants into overdrive

The Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) expects Monday to break all electricity production records in the last seven years as air condition units across the island are pushed to their limits.

An unprecedented use of fans and air conditioners have placed extraordinary pressure on the island’s power plants as members of the public try to keep cool in searing temperatures which over the weekend had risen to an unprecedented 45°C. An EAC official expects the islands electricity grid to pull about 1100 MW.

“We don’t expect any problems with the power supply,” said EAC Deputy General Manager George Ashikalis speaking to state radio CyBC on Monday morning adding that the islands power stations were capable of meeting the excessive demand.

“The public can go on with their normal routines and use their electrical appliances as they would normally do,” said Ashikalis adding that power supply would only be interrupted in the event of a major fault.

According to EAC figures, Friday saw 930MW of electricity being used – a figure which fell over the weekend but by Monday 9.30 am had already peaked at 980MW.