May 26th, 2019

Cyprus temperatures 'to reach a scorching 42℃'

The sweltering weather looks set to continue with temperatures in Cyprus over the coming days rising as high as 42℃elsius.

Meteorological Department official Panayiotis Georgiou told told the Cyprus Weekly: “On Friday inland temperatures will reach 39 ℃ or 40 ℃ but they will climb to 41 ℃ on Saturday and, by Sunday and Monday, likely reach 42 ℃”.

Georgiou noted that the maximum inland temperature for this time of year is usually around 36 ℃, making the current conditions significantly warmer than average.

However, because humidity will remain relatively low, the sweltering weather cannot officially be called a heat wave, even if it feels like one.

Temperatures on the coasts will be lower over the coming days, climbing to no more than 35℃-36 ℃. Up in the mountains, the maximum temperature will be around 32℃.

“These are all only slightly above the seasonal average, say by about two or three degrees,” Georgiou said.

He said no dust, rain or strong wings were anticipated, adding: “The main characteristic of the coming days is that it will be hotter than usual inland”.

There are indications the weather will begin to get cooler from Tuesday, Georgiou said, noting today’s forecast would provide a better indication.

He advised the general public and vulnerable groups in particular including babies and children, the elderly, pregnant women, and people with chronic illnesses amongst others, should continue to take particular care.

This includes staying out of the sun and drinking plenty of water throughout the day.