July 18th, 2019

Cyprus Weather News

News about the weather and weather related issues in Cyprus.

Forest fire warning as heat wave grips Cyprus

The heat wave is expected to continue, with temperatures forecast to rise even further on Thursday, the director of the Met Office Kleanthis Nicolaides told CyBC radio on Wednesday morning. ...read more

Labour Department warns of high temperatures and humidity

The Labour Inspection Department on Monday issued a warning to employers and the self-employed that high temperatures and humidity may lead to a very serious heat wave today and/or in the next few days in the interior and on the coast. ...read more

More scattered showers and thunderstorms as unstable weather continues

Weak low pressure and an unstable air mass are continuing to affect the area bringing more thunderstorms and scattered showers in the afternoons over the next few days. ...read more

Yellow storm warning for the mountains

The meteorology office issued a yellow warning for Thursday predicting local heavy thunderstorms. ...read more

Scorcher continues, inland temperatures of 40 C and dust until tonight

Temperatures remain above average as a heat wave continues on Friday, with temperatures forecast to hit 40 C for the third consecutive day and dust in the atmosphere. ...read more

Met office issues extreme high temperature warning for Wednesday

The met office has issued an extreme high temperature warning for Wednesday when the maximum temperature is expected to reach around 40 C inland. ...read more

Met office: 40 C inland on Friday, temperatures to edge down over weekend

A warm air mass — which has led authorities to issue two extreme high temperature warnings in as many days — will gradually recede over the weekend, while dust will clear tomorrow, the met office said in its early morning bulletin. ...read more

Met office issues yellow alert for Thursday, temps inland to rise to 40 C

Cyprus will swelter on Thursday with the met office issuing an extreme high temperature warning. ...read more

Above average temperatures with dust in atmosphere until Friday

A warm air mass is affecting the area and there will be dust in the atmosphere, the concentrations of which will rise at intervals, until Friday. ...read more

Rain, hail and snow in the mountains on the menu for the weekend

People will have to wait for another weekend to enjoy normal Cypriot April’s weather as a low pressure system is affecting the area. ...read more