March 24th, 2019

Cyprus Weather News

News about the weather and weather related issues in Cyprus.

Hail storm in Paphos, snow in Troodos – Problems on the roads

After a sunny morning the weather tuned wild on Sunday in parts of the island. Just after 16.00 heavy hail broke out in Paphos causing traffic problems. more

Met office issues thunderstorm warning for Wednesday afternoon and night

The met office has issued a yellow alert warning that local heavy thunderstorms are likely to affect the area. more

Snow and fog in Troodos, roads open only to 4WD

Police on Sunday urged drivers heading to Troodos to be careful because of snow, fog and ice. more

Mainly fine today; roads to Troodos open only to 4WD vehicles

Friday will be mainly fine with local increased cloud, mainly on the west coast. more

Problems on roads as more rain forecast for Wednesday

Heavy rain has been falling in Cyprus overnight and a number of roads are closed or very slippery because of the accumulation on water. more

Troodos roads open only for 4X4 cars

Police are warning that roads are slippery because of snowfall and are urging drivers to be careful. more

Limassol streets flooded as rains continue

Heavy rain has been falling in many parts of Cyprus, with Limassol particularly affected. more

More rain as unsettled weather continues

More rain is forecast for today as a low pressure system continues to affect the area, with the unsettled weather continuing over the weekend. more

More rain today; Troodos roads open only to four wheel drive cars

More rain is forecast today, while police have warned that roads are slippery and all road to Troodos are open only to four wheel drive vehicles or those equipped with snow chains. more

More rain forecast as police warn of slippery roads

A low pressure system is moving slowly east with more rain forecast for today. There will be dust in the atmosphere at intervals, particularly tonight. The dust will gradually clear from Friday night, the met office said. more