February 18th, 2018

Cyprus Weather News

News about the weather and weather related issues in Cyprus.

Crews work all day to clear roads and restore power

Emergency crews worked all day Thursday to restore access to several communities cut off from heavy snowfall as islandwide efforts continued in order to clear roads leading to villages and restore power to various areas. ...read more

Temperatures due to fall sharply

Those who feel it should snow around Christmas time will be happy to learn the weatherman has promised snow by the beginning of next week though be warned that the same cold air mass that could bring snow might also bring hail. ...read more

Here comes the rain again

Although only slightly lower than usual for this time of year, temperatures are expected to fall noticeably from Wednesday while rain and even isolated storms are also anticipated. ...read more

Nicosia sees hottest day this year

A heat wave propelled air temperatures to a yearly high of 40C in Nicosia on Friday. For an otherwise moderate summer, the temperature for the week hovered around 39 degrees. ...read more

Cyprus boils as temperatures hit 37oC

The first signs of another boiling summer are being felt nationwide today as the mercury has already climbed to 37oC in the capital, with temperatures in coastal regions expected to reach 36oC. ...read more

Flooding in Nicosia after heavy thunderstorm

A flash thunderstorm lasting some two hours swept through the capital yesterday afternoon, flooding dozens of basements and trapping motorists in their cars. ...read more

Weather to turn stormy

Rain and hail are expected during the week, the met office said yesterday. ...read more

Cyprus holiday heaven Ayia Napa has first snow... ever

For probably the first time ever, snow has fallen in the holiday hotspot of Ayia Napa and surrounding villages. The brief flutter which started at 11.50 and lasted till 12:10, was hailed by many driver honking horns on the roads. ...read more

Flooding cause anger and grief

After a night of rain almost islandwide, which continued into much of yesterday causing countless problems to homes, shops and drivers, the met office says there will be little let up until Friday, and that will be brief. ...read more

Rain and hail forecast

Cyprus is set for a chilly few days, with overcast skies bringing local showers and storms. ...read more