December 7th, 2022

Cyprus Weather News

News about the weather and weather related issues in Cyprus.

First snow on Troodos Mountain

Snow has been falling on Troodos since last night. more

“Carmel” severe weather system to hit Cyprus late on Saturday

A severe weather system dubbed “Carmel” will hit Cyprus starting late on Saturday and reaching its peak on Sunday, according to the Mediterranean island’s Meteorological Service. more

Police warn drivers of poor visibility due to rain

Police early on Wednesday urged drivers to be careful citing limited visibility on specific roads and motorways due to heavy rain. more

Local showers, yellow warning for severe thunderstorms on Wednesday

Winds will be variable, moderate to strong, force 4 to 5 Beaufort, at times extremely strong, force 6 Beaufort. more

Local showers and isolated storms for another day

Local showers and isolated thunderstorms all across Cyprus will continue on Sunday as well. more

Yellow warning for strong winds, up to 8 Beaufort

The Cyprus Meteorological Department has issued a yellow warning for strong winds on Wednesday. more

Μeteo service issues yellow warning for thunderstorm

Cyprus Meteorological Service issued a yellow warning for thunderstorms. It is valid from 2000 Monday until 1200 Tuesday. more

Showers and storms continue but dust remains

Showers and storms will continue across the island and are expected to persist through to Tuesday. Dust will also persist however, at intervals. more

Yesterday’s downpour flooded roads around Lympia, 10 people rescued

Torrential rains last night flooded roads in the Lympia area, forcing closures. more

Partly cloudy on Friday, with isolated afternoon showers

Partly cloudy on Friday with isolated showers in the afternoon mainly inland and in the mountains. more