January 19th, 2018

Cyprus Weather News

News about the weather and weather related issues in Cyprus.

Cyprus to be at its coldest in 12 months on Saturday

Gathering clouds are expected bring rain showers as of Wednesday while temperatures inland are expected to be at their coldest in the last 12 months this weekend. ...read more

Sunny weather returns for now

Cyprus is expected to be mainly fine on Wednesday although incoming clouds could give way to rain by the end of the week. ...read more

Snow and rain sweep across Cyprus

Snow showers and thick fog reduced visibility on mountain roads and limited access to Troodos on Tuesday while rain continued to wash the rest of the island. ...read more

Icy weather on the way

Icy weather is on its way with part of a cold front freezing parts of Greece since earlier this week expected to be felt in Cyprus by Saturday. ...read more

Isolated rain and snow sprinkled throughout weekend

There will be isolated rainshowers and snow in the mountainous regions throughout the New Year weekend according to the latest weather report from the Cyprus Weather Service. ...read more

Rain and fog ahead of a white Christmas

Friday afternoon has been marked by heavy snowfall in the Platres area and thick fog reducing visibility elsewhere in the mountains. ...read more

As rain and snowfall continue, see what roads are closed

As cold weather conditions continue around the island, the police has issued a weather alert to drivers as a significant amount of snow continues to fall across Troodos, causing limited visibility in the mountainous areas. ...read more

Cold weather to continue through the weekend

Cold weather is expected to continue across Cyprus over the weekend, the meteorological service reported. ...read more

Temperatures falling, snow and rain on the way

A low pressure system in the region will be bringing snow and rain in the next few days, the meteorological service reported on Monday. ...read more

Storms lash Cyprus as winter arrives

The weather, which has seen storms across the island, will remain unsettled until at least Sunday. ...read more