November 16th, 2018

Here comes the rain again

Although only slightly lower than usual for this time of year, temperatures are expected to fall noticeably from Wednesday while rain and even isolated storms are also anticipated.

Speaking to The Cyprus Daily on Monday, Weather Services official Iasonas Christodoulou said: "The inland temperature for Tuesday is expected to fall to 20°C from 22°C on Monday and on Wednesday and Thursday temperatures will fall again, to around 16-17°C."Christodoulou continued that rainfall and even isolated storms around Cyprus were expected on Tuesday and Wednesday with the rain forecasted to continue on Thursday. Better weather is expected by Friday afternoon.

"The possibility of storms is a small one," he noted, adding that at 19°C the inland average for this time of year, the coming cold snap was only slightly colder than usual for early December.
"We don't expect any snow yet, but there may be some sleet on Thursday," Christodoulou added.

Rain will be welcome with last month being one of the decade's worst in terms of rainfall. Only November 2010 was drier.
This has contributed to the country's dams holding up to 14% less water than last year. December 2012 was one of the wettest, with as much rainfall in one month as the 10 previous Decembers combined.
Although still adequate for the country's needs, the most recent available Ministry of Agriculture figures show that there were 163,632 cubic metres of water (56.3% capacity) in Cyprus' dams on Monday compared to approximately 204, 515 cubic metres (70.3%) this time last year.

Source: Cyprus-Mail