November 17th, 2018

Temperatures due to fall sharply

Those who feel it should snow around Christmas time will be happy to learn the weatherman has promised snow by the beginning of next week though be warned that the same cold air mass that could bring snow might also bring hail.

The meteorological office’s Panayiotis Mouskos has said snowfall is likely by the end of the week or beginning of next, caused by a cold air mass coming Cyprus’ way from the north.He said this made snow or hail likely, as the temperature is expected to take a plunge on Sunday.

The met office’s weather report shows Tuesday’s afternoon temperatures at 19 degrees Celsius in Nicosia, 15 degrees Celsius on the mountains, and 22 degrees Celsius on the west coastline, around Paphos. Temperatures were due to drop in the evening, to 11 degrees Celsius, 9 degrees Celsius on the mountains, and up to 15 degrees Celsius in coastal towns.

Mouskos said the temperatures would remain the same throughout the week, although it might rain.

But at the end of the week “the temperature will drop sharply,” he warned.

The met office has said the drop could be as much as five degrees Celsius compared with current temperatures.

Source: Cyprus-Mail