November 16th, 2018

Levels of dust remain alarming

The air pollution levels still remain alarming despite the fact of today's atmosphere improvement.

According to the Ministry of Labour, at 7 am in Nicosia recorded 195 micrograms powder, safe limit of 50, 383 in Limassol, Larnaca 513 in Zygi 552, 101 in Paphos and Agia Marina Xyliatos 145 .

Note that the regular limit of micrograms is 50.

In other areas the dust rate was within the permissible limits.

A gradual decline of the dust is expected in the afternoon.

Moreover, a substantial change is expected tomorrow, but according to the Meteorological Service the phenomenon will reoccur on Saturday in milder form, but from a different direction, this time from North Africa.

It is recorded that more than 90 people, most elderly having chronic respiratory problems, visited the First Aid General Hospital throughout Cyprus.

Doctors warn that the small particles of dust are toxic and penetrate the respiratory system and that dust may cause inflammatory reaction in the eyes and skin and aggravate allergies.

The authorities request citizens to be careful and limit their movements to what is strictly necessary.

Elderly, children and people with chronic respiratory problems should stay indoors.

The Ministry of Education will announce today whether high school and lyceum students will return at schools tomorrow after the summer recession due to the dust levels still remaining in high levels. The decision will
depend on the evaluation of today’s atmosphere and predictions about tomorrow’s dust levels.

Moreover, the Ministry of Education did not issue any instructions for Private schools which their sessions have already been started, and that it is up to each school’s administration whether they will remain open.

The airports of Larnaca and Paphos still remain on high alert, given the risk of further deterioration of the phenomenon. There is still a constant communication between all the relevant departments with the airlines.

Source: SigmaLive