November 16th, 2018

Nicosia gets snowflakes on New Year's Day

Snowflakes were falling early morning on New Year’s Day in Nicosia with unusually low temperatures, making Friday the coldest day of the week.

Weather officials are warning of sleet forming in lower elevations and many roads leading to higher elevations are closed to traffic without four-wheel drive or anti-skid crawlers.

More snow is expected to fall in the mountains and already photos are shared on social media showing rural areas in the Nicosia district dressed in white.

Temperatures will reach 7 degrees inland, 10 degrees in the coastal areas, and -5 degrees in the mountains. However, there is a wind chill factor in effect and it will feel a lot colder when people walk outside.

In the evening, there is chance of isolated showers.

Drivers should slow down when they see a paddle of water, even while driving in the city, because hydroplaning is possible even at relatively low speeds.

The latest information is available on the police website, through social media, and on Smartphone apps.