January 22nd, 2019

Rain and dust for rest of the week

Nicosia was hit with torrential rain yesterday, which flooded various part of the capital.

However the Fire Services said calls for help were minimal.

"We were only called out twice to pump excess water and in any other cases the Nicosia Municipality were able to help simply by cleaning out the area," said Fire Services spokesperson, Liza Kemidji.One of the areas where flooding occurred was the Kolokasi car park within the walls.

Police sources also confirmed that there were no accidents yesterday due to the rain.

The Meteorological Service said snow and rain are expected for the rest of the week.

"The weather will be cloudy with isolated storms and snow on the mountains," said Meteorological officer Haris Zachariades yesterday.

According to Zachariades, isolated storms and snowfall will continue into Thursday and Friday, only abating slightly on Saturday.

Temperatures today will drop to 15C inland, 16C on the coast and 4C in the mountains.

Meanwhile, the Department of Labour Inspection warned that vulnerable groups such as those suffering from asthma or other respiratory related diseases should remain indoors until the dust in the atmosphere clears.

Source: Cyprus Mail