December 7th, 2019

Yermasoyia ready to overflow

The dam at Yermasoyia in Limassol was expected to overflow by midnight last night, with nine dams island-wide having overflowed already over the last few weeks.

Yermasoyia mayor Andreas Gavrielides reassured that all the necessary measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the public.Gavrielides said that people will not be allowed into the car park next to the river in the tourist area, where the flow of water may rise above the level of the road. He also urged people to follow the police and traffic wardens' instructions in an effort to avoid any traffic problems.

The last time the reservoir - with a capacity of 13.5 million cubic metres - overflowed was in 2004. It is currently 99.4 per cent full.

The dam at Polemidia is the next one expected to overflow in Limassol and is already 95 per cent full.

The dams at Asprokremmos, Evretou, Kannaviou, Arminou, Vyzakia, Xyliatos, Argakas, Pomos and Agia Marina have overflowed already.

Source: Cyprus Mail