March 25th, 2019

Rain and possibly hailstorms set to lash Cyprus

Cyprus should brace for scattered showers and maybe even some hailstorms in the days leading up to Easter, according to the latest weather forecast.

Temperatures are expected to hover around 22’C to 23’C in the days leading up to Easter Saturday before the skies begin to clear and temperatures are most likely set to climb by 1’C – which is the normal temperatures for this type of year.

“We had constant showers around Cyprus on Wednesday night and Thursday morning but that is not expected to continue,” said Cyprus Meteorological Service official Panagiotis Lingis on Thursday.

“We expect shorter but more intense bursts of scattered showers on Thursday which could even lead to hailstorms. Rain showers are likely to continue on Friday and maybe even early Saturday before the skies begin clearing up.”

Lingis added: “We are also seeing a thin layer of dust that is high in the atmosphere and is not considered to be a threat. The dust is expected to remain on Friday but the rain will most likely help clear away the dusty conditions by the weekend.”