March 25th, 2019

Rain and storms expected to sweep across Cyprus

Weather officials say the recent mini heatwave will gave way to rain on Wednesday while a stormy outlook is predicted between Thursday and Saturday.

Speaking to state radio on Wednesday, Meteorological Service official Matthaios Papadakis said temperatures were expected to rise to 30°C inland, 28°C on the east coast and 26°C on the other coasts and in the higher regions. He went on to say that light rain was expected inland in the mountains from the afternoon.

“Thursday will be cloudy with isolated showers and storms in the afternoon,” said Papadakis who added that more of the same was expected on Friday and Saturday.

“Temperatures will also drop on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, reaching 26°C to 27°C inland while the usual inland average for this time of year is 28°C,” he said. “There will patches of stormy weather leading into Saturday as of Thursday.”

Papadakis also noted the persisting light dust in the atmosphere was not anticipated to cause any particular problems.

A mini heatwave over the past few days saw inland temperatures hovering above 30 inland and as high as 37°C last Sunday.