November 17th, 2018

Skies set to open across Cyprus

Cyprus is set for rain, storms and cloudy weather up until Sunday, according to the latest weather forecast on Thursday.

Cloudy skies and light rain showers have already sprinkled across some areas of the island with Meteorological Service official Matthaios Papadakis warning members of the public to brace for storms later on Thursday afternoon.

“Conditions will be mainly cloudy with isolated showers expected inland on Thursday,” said Papadakis.

“The rain could give way to storms by the afternoon. Temperatures on Thursday are expected to be around 27’C inland, 25’C on the coasts and 22’C on Troodos. Those are normal temperatures for this time of year. The same pattern will follow for Friday while temperatures will drop slightly on Friday and Saturday.”

He added: “The possibility of hail storms cannot be ruled out in the days leading up to Saturday. On Sunday, we expect the weather to be mainly fine while we are also expecting a slight climb in temperatures.”