March 25th, 2019

Cyprus braces for week of storms and snow

Cyprus will begin to feel the cold pinch of winter this week with rain, storms and even snow set to sweep across the island.

Speaking to state radio on Monday morning, Meteorologist Panayiotis Mouskos said temperatures are expected to begin plummeting leading to rain and storms. With regards to the Troodos Mountains, the first snow showers are expected on Wednesday night or Thursday.

Greece is currently expecting bad weather and it is that low pressure that is on its way to Cyprus.

“We are expecting a lot of rain this week, starting Tuesday,” he said. “The rain is of course very welcome as Cyprus’ dams have been struggling. Temperatures are currently around 21’C in the inland and coastal areas and around 11’C in the higher regions and they are expected to drop.”

The Cyprus Meteorological Service official added: “As of Tuesday, cloud cover will lead to rain and possibly storms. The bumpiest weather, however, is expected on Wednesday with more rain and storms expected across the island. Temperatures will be around 14’C to 15’C inland and in the coastal areas.”

Commenting on the snow showers, Mouskos said that “the first snow is expected on Thursday” with temperatures expected to climb slightly before then dropping again.