March 24th, 2019

Police caution drivers as Cyprus' weather conditions worsen

Police in Cyprus are cautioning drivers on the road as weather conditions are causing difficulties, an announcement from authorities said on Tuesday.

The announcement said that there is limited visibility on roads in the Troodos Mountains due to heavy fog.

Police have advised drivers in the area to be careful.

Authorities have issued a list of rules that drivers can follow to be safe on the roads:

  1. Ensure that the windshield wipers are clean and that they haven’t been damaged. Drivers should also check the level of windscreen cleaner fluid.
  2. Police have asked drivers to turn on their lights due to the limited visibility.
  3. Drivers are asked to use their cars’ defrost system, as closed windows cause the windscreen to fog quicker.
  4. Police have said that drivers should check their tyre pressure as it aids in dealing with hydroplaning.
  5. Police have warned that roads are slippery, especially at the beginning of a storm, so drivers should use caution.
  6. Drivers are cautioned to drive more slowly as it allows the car to have greater contact with the road on rainy days. Police have also said that drivers should keep a greater distance between other vehicles on the road.
  7. Police have said that drivers entering their vehicles should also wipe their shoes on the mats, as the sole could be wet causing it to slip on the pedals. Drivers have also been asked to check their brakes, steering wheel, lights, and turning signals are working correctly.
  8. Drivers are cautioned to carefully change lanes on roads, as increasing the speed and abrupt movements could cause the car to slip on the road.
  9. Police have also said that drivers should not attempt to cross through moving water on the road, as the heavy rain could cause deep and strong currents.
  10. Drivers have also been cautioned to carefully cross deep puddles as the water could damage the electronic systems in the vehicle.
  11. Police have also cautioned drivers to move slowly through inhabited areas and be mindful of pedestrians on the road.

Source: SigmaLive