November 17th, 2018

Heavy rain 'not enough' to help dams

A Cyprus Water Development Department official says the recent rainstorms would have helped farming fields but the situation at the island’s dams remains dire.

Speaking to state radio on Tuesday morning, Water Development Department Director Andreas Manoli said much more rain was needed to top up the dams that are running dry across Cyprus.

“The rain would have certainly helped rural and agricultural areas were fields and trees are in desperate need of rain. But it wouldn’t have helped our dams that are still very low. We need to stay positive though and remain hopeful that more constant rain showers will occur.”

Heavy rain lashed most of the island late on Monday and early Tuesday with flooding recorded mostly in Larnaca and strong winds also bringing down power lines.

Speaking about the situation at the dams, Manoli said, “At present our dams are only at 20% of their capacities. We had 111million m3 of water in our dams last year but this year, we only 53millionm3

“The downpour was needed but it was also a very short spell. We need more constant rain.”

The situation at the dams is dire. It is not the worst it has ever been but very close to our worst situation which was during the 2013-2014 season.”