November 21st, 2017

Cyprus Weather News

News about the weather and weather related issues in Cyprus.

Storms across Cyprus clear dust from the air, colder this week

Rain and storms have returned to Cyprus, with a senior officer of the Cyprus Meteorological Service, saying that the main feature of the weather will be lower temperatures. more

Climate change in Cyprus

During the 20th century the climate of Cyprus, especially in terms of precipitation and temperature, has experienced significant fluctuations and trends. more

Storms, rain, snow and hail reported

Police say that roads in the Troodos region are open only to vehicles with snow chains or four wheel drive, with the conditions expected to remain the same overnight. more

Winter weather set to return after glorious week of sunshine

Winter weather is expected to return to Cyprus later this week with local rain showers, isolated thunderstorms and even the possibility of snow on the highest peaks of Troodos. more

Reservoirs are half empty… or half full

The reservoirs around Cyprus are only 54 per cent full and are much lower than last year, Agriculture Minister Nicos Kouyialis said yesterday. more

Snowbound communities running out of supplies

Villages cut off from heavy snowfall were running out of basic supplies on Friday, as efforts to clear roads and restore access continued for the third day running. more

Crews work all day to clear roads and restore power

Emergency crews worked all day Thursday to restore access to several communities cut off from heavy snowfall as islandwide efforts continued in order to clear roads leading to villages and restore power to various areas. more

Temperatures due to fall sharply

Those who feel it should snow around Christmas time will be happy to learn the weatherman has promised snow by the beginning of next week though be warned that the same cold air mass that could bring snow might also bring hail. more

Here comes the rain again

Although only slightly lower than usual for this time of year, temperatures are expected to fall noticeably from Wednesday while rain and even isolated storms are also anticipated. more

Nicosia sees hottest day this year

A heat wave propelled air temperatures to a yearly high of 40C in Nicosia on Friday. For an otherwise moderate summer, the temperature for the week hovered around 39 degrees. more