November 17th, 2018

Rain and storms to wash away the dust

The dusty conditions currently gripping Cyprus could be set to end with the Meteorological Department expecting late rain showers to wash away the dirt.

Speaking to state radio, weather official Stavros Vassiliades said isolated storms could rinse the island of the static dust engulfing most of Cyprus.

“The dusty conditions are expected to subside by Monday evening,” he said. “This is because we are expecting to see isolated rain showers and possibly even thunderstorms inland.”

Temperatures on Monday were around 24’C inland and 23’C in the coastal regions but Vassiliades says the heat will increase as of Wednesday.

“Tomorrow [Tuesday] will see temperatures drop by around 1’C but as of Wednesday, conditions will get hotter. By Friday, we are expecting temperatures in Cyprus to be around 27’C. We could even see some more rain showers – again inland – tomorrow [Tuesday].”