November 17th, 2018

Yellow weather alert issued ahead of new freeze

The Cyprus Meteorological Services have issued a yellow alert with temperatures expected to dive even more on Monday night while wind speeds have picked up throughout the island.

Low pressure – which has gripped the Eastern Mediterranean in the last couple of days – has resulted in temperatures dropping throughout the island while heavy snow has hit the Troodos Mountains. The snowfall has also led to many roads being closed off in the higher regions. Snow showers could also hit the lower regions of Cyprus throughout the day and perhaps even on Monday night.

For this reason, weather officials have issued a yellow alert with temperatures expected to drop to as low as 0’C inland, 2’C in the coastal regions and -9’C on Troodos.

The concept behind a yellow alert is to notify those who are at risk because of their location and/or activity, and to allow them to take preventative action. Yellow level weather alerts are for weather conditions that do not pose an immediate threat to the general population, but only to those exposed to risk by nature of their location and/or activity.

“Temperatures on Monday are around 7’C inland, 10’C on the coast and -3’C in the higher plains – around half the average temperatures for this time of year,” said Meteorologist Marios Theofilou.

The yellow alert is for the period between 10pm on Monday night and 8am on Tuesday morning when temperatures will be freezing and there will also be strong winds.