November 17th, 2018

Cyprus Weather News

News about the weather and weather related issues in Cyprus.

Yermasoyia ready to overflow

The dam at Yermasoyia in Limassol was expected to overflow by midnight last night, with nine dams island-wide having overflowed already over the last few weeks. more

Rain and dust for rest of the week

Nicosia was hit with torrential rain yesterday, which flooded various part of the capital. more

Rain may cease but cold persists

The Police have prepared an action plan to deal with the public's excursions to the snowy mountains over the weekend, as more cold weather is on its way. more

Asprokremmos dam overflows for first time in seven years

Continuing rainfall caused the Asprokremmos dam, the second largest on the island, to overflow yesterday. more

Rainfall fills dams

Total inflow of water in Cyprus' dams in the past three days has reached 5.056 million cubic meters, according to data of the Department of Water Development. more

Storms forecast for holiday weekend

After a summer like week of sunshine and warm temperatures, it looks like the weather will be getting a little more unsettled for the long holiday weekend, which starts today. more

Heavy rain fills dams

Torrential rains in the past three days have brought much needed water to dams, a total of five million cubic meters. more

Winter arrives in Cyprus as snow falls in Troodos

Residents of the mountain areas of Cyprus are wrapping up as a new cold spell has arrived, with 30 centimeters of snow falling since last night on Mount Olympus. Fifteen centimeters of snow was recorded in Troodos Square. more

Excessive rain causes further problems

The relentless  rain of the past few days has exceeded Cyprus' monthly rainfall by up to 200 per cent in some areas, such as Larnaca, Philippos Timvios of the Meteorological Service said yesterday. more

Weather warning

Traffic police are warning the public to be aware of hazardous road conditions due to the ongoing adverse weather. more