May 22nd, 2018

Cyprus Weather News

News about the weather and weather related issues in Cyprus.

Temperature breaks all records

As record-breaking heat continued to grip the island yesterday, thousands sought relief indoors with the air-conditioning on high, spiking record demand for electricity. more

Scorching Heat

The MET services have recorded alarming levels of humidity to add to the scorching temperatures, and are warning of further rises in the coming days. more

Non-stop rain lashes Cyprus

Torrential rains relentlessly battered the island yesterday, with a reported 80 calls to emergency services and traffic jams congesting the motorways and the streets of the capital. more

Water reserves at 51%

Nearly 11 million cubic metres of water have flowed into dams in Cyprus since the beginning of February raising the water reserves to 51%. more

Winds cause chaos

Gusts of up to 7 beaufort felled trees and damaged cars. more

Extreme weather warning

Extreme weather conditions are expected from this afternoon and continuing until the weekend, the Weather Service announced today. more

Heavy rains

State services battled throughout the entire day yesterday as more heavy rains fell across the island, flooding dozens of dwellings and causing traffic havoc. more

High levels of dust

Vulnerable groups in society, like children, the elderly and pregnant women are being warned to stay indoors due to extremely high dust levels in the atmosphere. more

Bad weather set to continue

Stormy weather is set to continue until Wednesday with mild mornings turning to wind and rain by noon, the Weather Service said Monday. more


The heatwave is expected to continue over the weekend with a system of high pressure coming from Northwest Africa, the Meteorology Service said yesterday with temperatures expected to reach a minimum of 41 degrees Celsius. more